How does a language works?

Welcome to the world of programming with Arendelle! To write your very first Arendelle code we need a software called "Interpreter". To understand Interpreter we need to know what a 'code' is?

Computer is made of many parts but there is this one part called CPU (Central Processing Unit) that is computer's brain. It reads codes and evaluates* them.

This code that CPUs runs is called 'Machine Code'. Machine code is a code in 'Binary', means numbers made of zero and one. This codes are fully numbers and they are not readable to humans.

At first developers could understand this codes but as time went by programs became more complex. They became hard to read and that's why developers created programming languages.

This languages are readable to humans and they make programming like dancing in heaven! But CPUs are stupid untalented people! They won't try to learn human languages and they kept using their own machine code.

Every relationship needs some sacrifices hence developers accepted this fact. They developed a software called Compiler. Compilers are some language experts who speak both human language and machine language. What they do actually is they read human language and generate machine language.

Each language comes with a compiler. There is also another kind of languages called interpreted language. In this languages there is no compiler but there is an Interpreter. Interpreters are also clever. They speak human code but they are smart as they do know how that code works and well they do the code themselves! As you see they are very hard working!

To use Arendelle you must use an Arendelle Environment. Arendelle environments are programs that you can use to run Arendelle codes with. In the next section you will learn about some Arendelle environments and how to install them.

  • Developers call the process of running a code "Evaluating"