Reference Tables


Command Description
r Goes 1 dot right
d Goes 1 dot down
l Goes 1 dot left
u Goes 1 dot up
p Paints the current dot
c Cleans the current dot
n Goes to the next color
i Goes back to the origin
e Gets out of a loop or condition
w Sleeps for 1 millisecond


Source Description
#i or #width Width of the screen
#j or #height Height of the screen
#rnd Generates a random number in format of 0.XXXXX
#n Value of current color
#x X coordination of the pointer
#y Y coordination of the pointer
#pi The Pi (𝛑) number

Mathematical Functions

In this table expr means expression

Function Description
min ( expr1 , expr2 ) Returns minimum of expr1 and expr2
max ( expr1 , expr2 ) Returns maximum of expr1 and expr2
abs ( expr ) Returns the absolute (non-negative) value of the expression
round ( expr , precision ) Rounds a value to a certain number of digits, uses the current rounding mode
floor ( expr ) Rounds the value down to the nearest integer
ceiling ( expr ) Rounds the value up to the nearest integer
log ( expr ) Returns the natural logarithm (base e) of an expression
log10 ( expr ) Returns the common logarithm (base 10) of an expression
sqrt ( expr ) Returns the square root of an expression
sin ( expr ) Returns the trigonometric sine of an angle (in degrees)
cos ( expr ) Returns the trigonometric cosine of an angle (in degrees)
tan ( expr ) Returns the trigonometric tangents of an angle (in degrees)
sinh ( expr ) Returns the hyperbolic sine of a value
cosh ( expr ) Returns the hyperbolic cosine of an angle (in degrees)
tanh ( expr ) Returns the hyperbolic tangents of an angle (in degrees)
rad ( expr ) Converts an angle measured in degrees to an approximately equivalent angle measured in radians
deg ( expr ) Converts an angle measured in radians to an approximately equivalent angle measured in degrees

Boolean Operators

Operator Description
= or == Equals
!= Not equals
< Less than
<= Less than or equal to
> Greater than
>= Greater than or equal to
and Boolean and
or Boolean or

Mathematical Operators

Operator Description
+ Additive operator
- Subtraction operator
* Multiplication operator
/ Division operator
% Remainder operator (Modulo)
^ Power operator